Blue Jewel Curbside Recycling

Since 2003, Blue Jewel Curbside Recycling has provided a reliable and efficient collection service for industrial, commercial and institutional subscribers in the Prince George area.

Blue Jewel can collect the recyclable material from your office, store, warehouse, institution or where ever you have the need and ensure that these are transported to the appropriate recycling facilities.

If you are concerned about the environment and need a convenient and reliable option that guarantees your recyclables do not go to the landfill, look no further than Blue Jewel Curbside Recycling.

September 1, 2014 update:

Well September 2014 has arrived and residents of Prince George who have their garbage collected by the city are now receiving curbside recycling collections. These are being performed by Emterra Environmental under the stewardship and management of Multi-Materials BC (MMBC). Blue Jewel chose not to bid on this contract, and we congratulate Emterra Environmental and wish them all the best here in Prince George.

At this time we must say good bye to our residential clients and we would like to thank them, and all our valued clients past, present and future, for partnering with us in an effort ‘To Do the Right Thing’.

Blue Jewel will continue to provide collections to our commercial subscribers. While we had anticipated that the new provincially mandated recycling program would allow us to introduce more plastic products into the list of items collected, it has not. MMBC's mandate is very narrow and restrictive. This has essentially barred private service providers from participating in their program. We will continue to explore the market place looking for ways to expand our service options as we aid you in 'Doing the Right Thing'

Thank you for considering how Blue Jewel Curbside Recycling can help your operations reduce their footprint on this jewel of a planet.